A for Effort

March 5, 2024

Publisher: HarperAlley
Language: English
Length: 224 p.

ISBN-10: ‎0063032880
ISBN-13: ‎978-0063032880

ISBN-10: ‎0063032872
ISBN-13: ‎978-0063032873

The start of Jay’s freshman year is full of new things . . . New friends. New classes. New challenges.

All of which are expected, until his new friend group’s obsession with perfect grades puts the pressure on—especially when his best subject, art, is full. Without it to anchor him, Jay hopes theater class will be the easy A he’s looking for. But when the class begins, Jay finds himself struggling like never before. Turns out balancing Shakespeare with biology and geometry is a lot harder than he thought. Will Jay be able to step into the spotlight and deliver an A+ performance?

From: HarperCollins

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