Batwoman, Vol. 2: To Drown the World

January 22, 2013

Publisher: DC Comics
Language: English
Length: 144 p.

ISBN-10: 1401237908
ISBN-13: 978-1401237905

ISBN-10: 1401237924
ISBN-13: 978-1401237929

Six lives, inextricably linked in the past and present, each on a collision course with the others: Batwoman, fighting for duty and vengeance against a threat of arcane power. Detective Maggie Sawyer, investigating a case that could end her career. DEO Agent Cameron Chase, commanding a vigilante she despises. Colonel Jacob Kane, clutching at a life that’s slipping away. Maro, a new villain corrupting Gotham City. And Kate Kane, wrestling with decisions that will test her loyalties.

From: DC Comics

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