Beyond II: The Queer Post-Apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology

January 1, 2018

Publisher: Beyond Press
Language: English
Length: 350 p.

ISBN 978-0-9982828-1-7

Renegade city fae, post-apocalyptic bicycle gangs, enormous robot guardians, and mysterious sewer-dwelling cryptids – all of this and much, much more in the second volume of BEYOND, the queer urban fantasy and post-apocalyptic comic anthology.

Featuring 25 stories by 36 contributors, the BEYOND ANTHOLOGY returns to continue celebrating unquestionably queer characters from across the spectrum of gender and sexuality, front and centre in their own stories; exploring back-alley fairy rings and secret magic markets, mixing magic and high-stakes adventures, and wandering the dusty, rust-ragged edges of society after the end of the world.

From: Beyond Press

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