Dial H for Hero, Vol. 1: Enter the Heroverse

December 31, 2019

Publisher: DC Comics
Language: English
Length: 160 p.

ISBN-10: 140129443X
ISBN-13: 978-1401294434

What would you do if you could become any superhero for just an hour? The catch? Who you become is absolutely random. Teenage Miguel Montez discovers the long-lost H-Dial, an ancient and unbelievably powerful rotary phone that gives its users (seemingly) random superpowers for one hour. With evil factions desperate to get their hands on its power, Miguel steals the only mode of transport he can-his uncle’s food truck! Join Miguel as he hightails it across the country to give the H-Dial to the one man who can keep it safe: Superman! Collects Dial H for Hero #1-6.

From: DC Comics

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