Namesake, Vol. 3

May 1, 2017

Publisher: Fairylogue Press
Language: English
Length: 172 p.

Available through the publisher’s site.

ISBN: 978-0985309596

Emma Crewe has returned home from Oz, but rather than finding her sister, she winds up in the clutches of a group calling themselves the Rippers, who seem to know a lot about her powers. One peculiar Ripper named Nose seems to even have childhood memories with Emma. Meanwhile, Elaine and Calliope are on a quest to reconnect with Emma, and in Oz, Warrick, Selva, and their friends deal with the aftermath of finding Princess Ozma.

This volume contains Intermission #2, chapters 11-15 of the fantasy webcomic, and a book-exclusive story.

From: Fairylogue Press

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