Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever

October 17, 2018

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Language: English
Length: 136 p.

ISBN-10: ‎130291197X
ISBN-13: ‎978-1302911973

Collects Runaways (2017) #7-12. The Runaways are a family again! But a family needs a guardian, and the only Runaway who’s got her life together is in middle school. And even for a kid like Molly who likes her classes, that can be fraught with peril. Meanwhile, there’s a new arrival as the gang welcomes Karolina’s girlfriend: Julie Power of Power Pack! Having an experienced adventurer around will be useful when one of the universe’s most fearsome villains invades the hostel! As Molly contemplates a supernatural deal that must have a monkey’s paw-esque downside, one of the team suffers a fate worse than death. Really! Karolina’s celebrity past catches up to her, Gert dabbles with her parents’ time-travel technology and you won’t believe what happens to Victor as your favorite super hero teen drama continues!

From: Marvel Comics