Runaways, Vol. 4: But You Can’t Hide

October 16, 2019

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Language: English
Length: 144 p.

ISBN-10: ‎130291801X
ISBN-13: ‎978-1302918019

Collects Runaways (2017) #19-24. The Runaways are in disarray! The teen team survived the events of “That Was Yesterday” – but the fallout from that epic adventure is still very much being felt! Alex Wilder walks away from the Runaways – but will someone actually go with him?! In the aftermath, the team tries to take stock. There’s plenty of rebuilding to do, both metaphorical and literal, but the kids are exhausted, heartbroken and confused. Are the Runaways up for these major repairs, or will the team – and their dreams – crumble before their eyes? Victor is determined to fix Doombot, even if it forces him down a dark road. And Karolina is searching for a sense of purpose as California’s newest super hero! But what consequences await the Runaways if Nico has to use her magic to keep Karolina safe?

From: Marvel Comics