Young Avengers: The Ultimate Collection

Young Avengers: Ultimate Collection

July 14, 2010

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Language: English
Length: 352 p.

Diamond ID: MAY100705
ISBN-10: 0785149074
ISBN-13: 9780785149071

When the original Avengers disband, a team of teenage heroes comes together to fill the gap. Their first order of business: surviving the wrath of Kang the Conqueror and weathering the disapproval of the adult Avengers! Next, the newly formed Young Avengers take on super-powered sadist Mister Hyde, the extraterrestrial Super-Skrull and a full-scale alien invasion, juggling their parents and their
private lives at the same time! Collecting YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #1-12 and YOUNG AVENGERS SPECIAL.

From: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

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