Arden High (2022)


Stories inspired by the works of William Shakespeare play out at a fantasy high school.

Notes on This Title

The first book in this series, Twelfth Grade Night, centers on a teen character who is questioning both their gender and sexual orientation. The supporting cast includes a bisexual teen boy, a bisexual teen girl who is visually coded as Black, and a queer teen girl.

The second book, King Cheer, features a demisexual girl, a trans boy who is in a relationship with another boy, a nonbinary character, and a girl who is exploring romantic attraction to girls for the first time, and who has dark skin.




“Endearing, magically infused, romantic comedy hijinks.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“Green’s distinct and whimsical character designs, coupled with a rich color palette, skillfully render Arden’s ephemeral fairy-realm setting.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)



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