Batwoman (2017)


Someone is selling cutting-edge weaponry on the black market, and their aim is to kill as many people-from as many nations-as possible. With help from her intrepid assistant, Julia Pennyworth, and their high-tech mobile command center, the yacht Sequoia, Batwoman quickly tracks the weapons to their source: a small, lawless island known as Coryana, home to pirates, outlaws…and a year of Batwoman’s life. Back before she joined the Bat-Family, Kate Kane spent some time with Coryana’s unofficial matriarch-and nearly lost herself in the process. Now her past is quickly catching up to her, and if Batwoman can’t figure out who to trust, the next thing she loses will be her life!

From: Hoopla

Notes on This Title

Although this series picks up on plot threads that were established in Detective Comics and Batwoman (2012), it can be read on its own and does not require prior knowledge of the character.


29th GLAAD Media Award Nominee for Outstanding Comic Book
30th GLAAD Media Award Nominee for Outstanding Comic Book


“Pairing scribes Bennett and James Tynion IV, the writer of Detective Comics, is a smart move: they’ve each proven their skill with the character in different ways, tackling humor, action and genuine emotion with deft hands. It helps that they’re both also queer-identified—with Bennett the first queer woman to write the out-and-proud lesbian crusader’s solo series since the character’s modern debut in 2006.” (Source: Paste Magazine)


CBR: “Marguerite Bennett Explores Batwoman’s Lost Years in New Solo Series

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