Bombshells United (2017)


In an alternate timeline where the DC Comics superheroines arose during the second world war, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Dawnstar, Black Canary, Supergirl, and the Batgirls fight against the forces of evil.

Notes on This Title

This series is a follow up to the 2015 series DC Comics Bombshells. It depicts alternate versions of DC Comics superheroines in a WWII setting.

Each volume in this series can essentially be read as a stand-alone. The first volume, American Soil, features no substantial queer representation. The second volume of this series, War Bonds, focuses the relationship between Batwoman, a queer Jewish character, and Renee Montoya, a queer latinx character, and on their adopted son. The third volume, Taps, features a number of queer characters, including Alysia Yeoh (a trans woman), Harper Row (a bisexual woman), and Supergirl and Eloisa Lane (who are shown to be in a romantic relationship).




“Sauvage’s art style if fantastically painterly, looking more like fine art illustrations of the 1940s than like modern comic books. It really does give a “throw back” feeling that is immersive. She also draws the women naturally and well, there’s plenty of hair and hugging and historically inspired clothing. It all looks completely different from other comics on the shelves right now, and that’s great.” (Source: Black Nerd Problems)

“The story is trying to strike a balance between criticism of one’s own country and a belief that one’s country can improve. There are also themes introduced regarding multiple marginalized demographics being used against one another by the government and the importance of solidarity despite these attempts to divide and conquer.” (Source: Comicosity)


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