Clementine (2022)


On a perilous journey north, Clementine meets up with a handful of wayward teenagers attempting to build a walker-free settlement.

But as friendship, rivalry, and romance begin to blossom amongst the group, the harsh winter soon reveals that the biggest threat they face…might be each other.

A coming-of-age tale of survival written and illustrated by two-time Eisner award winner Tillie Walden.

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Notes on This Title

Clementine is set in the universe of The Walking Dead and is a sequel to the Telltale Games video game, also titled The Walking Dead, which introduces the character of Clementine. The graphic novel series references events in the video game but can be read without knowledge of the other installments.

Clementine and one of the other female central characters having a budding romance in the first volume. A minor male character references having had a husband before the zombie apocalypse.

A preview of volume two is available from Image Comics.


2023 Eisner Award Nominee for Best Publication for Teens


“Though the pacing occasionally feels jarring and elements can be a bit disjointed, the intended audience will relate to the tone and themes, as Clementine yearns to create something of her own in a world that’s been thrown into chaos. Walden unapologetically makes the character her own, driving her forward in interesting directions with new motivations and a potential love interest, while still staying true to the character’s core. Her artwork mirrors Kirkman’s original work well, focusing equally on the gritty horror and grotesqueness of humanity, while capturing the loneliness and fragility of the shared human experience. Grades 9-12.” (Source: Booklist, May 2023 #1)

“As the teens set themselves to the harrowing task of forging a hospitable homestead on a snowbound mountainside with limited resources, Walden explores the unique perspective of a generation who were raised to view trust and cooperation as liabilities. She also meditates on the difference between striving for survival and leading a life worth living. VERDICT Walden’s knack for character development and unique perspective result in a tale perfect for diehard fans of The Walking Dead, as well as newcomers.” (Source: Library Journal, February 2022)

“While overlapping character designs occasionally cause visual repetitiveness, Walden’s heavy inks and grayscale color pallet complement the eerie, dystopian atmosphere. Depictions of trauma, animosity, and romance intersect in this unflinchingly brutal survival horror tale that is not without hope. Characters are portrayed with varying skin tones and abilities. Ages 13–16.” (Source: Publishers Weekly, May 2022 #3)


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