Dates: An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction Stories (Volume 2) (2017)


Dates is an anthology of queer historical fiction, with stories set throughout time and across the world. From Hammurabi’s reign to the late 1950s, watch queer folks from five continents (sorry, Australia) drive progress in their lives, their communities, and their worlds.

In this volume, 35 contributors have come together to create 17 comics, 16 full-color illustrations, and 2 short prose stories. In each story, you’ll find queer characters at the forefront as they change the world around them and find affirmation and acceptace. And the best part?

No tragic endings.

Source: The back cover

Notes on This Title

Edited by Zora Gilbert & Cat Parra.

The two prose stories and stand-alone illustrations in this anthology are not cataloged in this entry.

This database catalogs each Dates installment a separate series because there is no overall continuity across titles.


2018 Prism Award Winner for Best Anthology





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