Diana and Nubia: Princesses of the Amazons (2022)

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Princess Nubia loves her mothers, their home on Themyscira, and all of her Amazon aunties. But she’s still lonely sometimes. It’s hard being the only kid on an island full of adults! She just wishes that things could be different. And then, one morning, things are different. There’s a stranger sharing her bedroom…and the interloper Diana insists that it’s her room! And their parents think they’re both just being pests, they’ve always shared a room. What is happening?! Could it be that wishing into Hera’s Ear on the night of the solstice worked? Will Nubia get to keep this strange new sister? Does she even want to?

From: DC Comics

Notes on This Title

This is a sequel to a comic entitled Diana: Princess of the Amazons, though it can be read as a stand-alone.

The main characters are twin sisters Diana and Nubia. They have two moms, one of whom is Black.




“This graphic novel continues the adventure started in Diana: Princess of the Amazons, this time taking on the ups and downs of having a sibling. Fans of Wonder Woman and Shannon Hale will want to pick this one up.” (Source: School Library Journal)

“In Shannon and Dean Hale’s Diana and Nubia: Princesses of the Amazons, a follow-up to their earlier Diana: Princess of the Amazons, the young Themyscirans find themselves part of a new family literally overnight. The Hales are masters at capturing exactly what it’s like to be a kid, and once again they’ve teamed up with the brilliant artist Victoria Ying to craft a magical graphic novel about what it means to become a family—even when you least expect it.” (Source: First Comics News)



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