Finding Home (2017)


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Finding Home is a slow-burn romance about nature, magic, anxiety, and growing close to someone.

On a long journey, two very different people thrown together by circumstance grow closer than they expected. But they’re just friends… right?

From: Finding Home

Notes on This Title

The focal characters of this series originally debuted in Nyx in the Overworld. Finding Home is targeted at an older audience.


2017 StArt Faire Excellence in Webcomics Award for Excellence in Drama
2018 DINKy Award for Best Webcomic


“At its heart the story is a romance; even if very little romance occurs in this volume the story is set up is such a way that the development of the relationship between the characters is inevitable. The dialogue flows between them in a fairly natural manner, and the fact that the characters care for one another is evident from the start – and the way that Conner plays with this relationship, expanding and suppressing it throughout, highlights the range of emotional relationships.” (Source: Broken Frontier)


A Place to Hang Your Cape: “Fantasy as a Gateway to Tolerance: In Conversation with Hari Conner, Creator of Finding Home

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