Finn and Charlie are Hitched (2006)


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This strip follows lives of the married, gay couple Finn and Charlie, and the friends around them: Candy and her sister Mandy, Mandy’s son, the young stud Corey, Corey’s on-again, off-again indie-rock boyfriend Ken, Candy’s long-lost daughter/Ken’s roommate Krys, and others

From: Tony Breed

Notes on This Title

As of August 2020, the Finn and Charlie are Hitched website is not loading old strips.


2011 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic - Nominee


“These stories share everyday life situations of the two men, their friends and families. The comics are taken straight from the web, so the stories begin mid-stream. Without an introduction, new readers may take a while to connect with the characters and their issues. There’s Corey, a burly college student, who’s trying to figure out who he is and who he wants to sleep with. Gus and Tina are getting married, and ask friend Charlie to officiate—at an outdoor winter marriage! Nina talks about the difficulties of raising her special needs child, and Ken’s not sure if the relationship he’s in with Corey will become monogamous.

Finn and Charlie are the couple others turn to for advice and stability. Their house is where people turn up for the holidays when others’ homes and families are dysfunctional. The guys discuss everyone else’s problems at the end of the day, while watching TV, or before going to bed, and it’s these cozy discussions, more than anything, that convey the trust and long-term commitment between the two men.” (Source: Lambda Literary)


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