Jonesy (2016)


Jonesy is a self-described “cool dork” who spends her time making zines nobody reads, watching anime, and listening to riot grrrl bands and 1D simultaneously. But she has a secret nobody knows. She has the power to make people fall in love! Anyone. With anything. She’s a cupid in plaid. With a Tumblr. There’s only one catch — it doesn’t work on herself. She’s gonna have to find love the old-fashioned way, and in the meantime, figure out how to distract herself from the real emotions she inevitably has to face when her powers go wrong.

From: Boom! Studios

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2018 YALSA Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens


Jonesy is a sharp new comic from writer Sam Humphries and artist Caitlin Rose Boyle. It is equal parts Saved by the Bell, Adventure Time, and Daria smashed into the story of an adorable, maniacal, angsty tween named Jonesy who has some very strange special powers. The book is imbued with the manic pace and humor — some of it involving ferrets! —that you find in a lot of the best children’s programming, but it also has a sweet heart that will reach older audiences. At the end of the day, Jonesy is a comic about friendship and understanding.” (Source: Vox)


“While Humphries’ Jonesy is a great character with a Curious George-like quality of screwing things up and then redeeming herself, and the plots he plunges her into–plots that are at once completely everyday and completely fantastical–are all entertaining, Jonesy is a comic quite dependent on its particular visual style to get it over. Artist Caitlin Rose Boyle’s design for the lead character is a great one. Seemingly buried in her voluminous hair and baggy clothes, Jonesy is a tiny ball of emotion, a highly emotive, almost emoji-like face that is all eyes, mouth and some of the most expressive eyebrows since Groucho Marx’s.” (Source: SLJ)


The Mary Sue: “Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle on Their Upcoming New Comic Jonesy

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