Kill Six Billion Demons (2013)


Allison Ruth planned on losing her virginity to her boyfriend. She didn’t plan on having a mystical key jammed into her forehead, or on being dragged into conflict with angels, demons, and the seven megalomaniacal sovereigns of the multiverse. Now she must master newfound abilities while navigating cruel and treacherous surroundings.

Notes on This Title

This series depicts frequent and extreme violence and gore. Sexual situations, including sexual slavery, are depicted.

One of the focal characters is an angel whose identity regarding gender may not map clearly into a real world identity. Angels use he / him pronouns, but are referred to as genderless, while this character self-identifies as “feminine” and uses she / her pronouns.

This series was initially published online for free, but later collected in print by Image Comics.




“The conflicts of Kill 6 Billion Demons are on a huge scale, and everything in the comic feels appropriately big. This is accomplished by Parkinson-Morgan’s art. Parkinson-Morgan creates amazing establishing shots of massive alien landscapes. Huge structures feel huge, and each setting is populated with large crowds of diverse and interesting creatures. There are no generic character designs here. Every time the characters enter a new, crowded area it feels like going into Mos Eisley’s Cantina. What makes that scene in A New Hope so memorable and fantastic is the joy of possibility – all these strange people look interesting, even though we don’t know (and will probably never know) anything about them. Parkinson-Morgan captures that sense with amazingly cool looking tertiary characters. I would read a whole comic about the gun-witch bounty hunter that shows up every once in a while, and she’s only had about three lines.” (Source: Comics Beat)

“It’s a vision of the entire universe as a savage free-for-all of slaughter and horror, where the strong prey on, enslave, and violate the weak, and as such it’s probably the most bleak setting I’ve ever seen. It’s completely blasé about things like sex slavery in a way that’s disturbing to read, using the wholesale annihilation of women’s agency as set dressing, not something worth addressing in the plot. Several central characters formerly or currently eat living humans! Allison’s personal arc is one of wading out into that sea of blood and finding her place in it, and it’s not yet clear if the story will present her rise to power as a triumph or a tragedy.” (Source: Yes Homo)


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