Life of Melody (2021)



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A human child abandoned in the woods is discovered by an unlikely pair: Razzmatazz, a fairy godfather, and Bon, a beast man. After quarreling over the best way to handle the child, they finally agree to co-parent in the human world–for now, at least. What the two men don’t expect is this little arrangement will push them to discover more about themselves…and more about each other, which might result in love. In this charming LGBT+ romcom, one “temporary” magical family might just become real!

From: Seven Seas Entertainment

Notes on This Title

The focal characters of this title are two queer men who adopt a baby together. A queer woman is a prominent supporting character, and her girlfriend is depicted.




“All in all, Life of Melody is a delightful fantasy romance and, while I would’ve appreciated more details about the world, I found it to be very cute and a lot of fun.” (Source: Al’s Manga Blog)

“Mari Costa’s comic thrives as a humorous, and at times extremely emotional, romantic comedy.” (Source: No Flying No Tights)


Multiversity Comics: “Mari Costa on Lesbian Love Triangles, Working for Yourself, and Past Comic Baggage

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