Never Heroes

Never Heroes (2016)


Alder, Levi, and Rowan were once childhood friends, but one summer, long ago, they accidentally made a deal with a demon named Onaskellis. Now, their mistake is catching up with them, and they have to come to terms with what kind of people they’ve become in the 17 years since they last saw each other.

From: Never Heroes

Notes on This Title

Never Heroes was previously published online under the title Yellow Hearts. Pages have been redrawn for republication beginning in March 2018.

The website includes the following warning: “Never Heroes contains mild language, alcohol and drug references, light blood/gore, violence, and (non-explicit) sexual content. It also touches on themes surrounding religion, mental illness, disability, homophobia, and war.”

Although it is not yet evident in the comic, cartoonist Keezy Young has stated that the comic does or will include a range of LGBTQIA representation.






ComicsAlliance: “Dear Friends and Deer Friends in Keezy Young’s ‘Yellow Hearts’”

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