Northranger (2023)


Cade has always loved to escape into the world of a good horror movie. After all, horror movies are scary—but to Cade, a closeted queer Latino teen growing up in rural Texas—real life can be way scarier.

When Cade is sent to spend the summer working as a ranch hand to help earn extra money for his family, he is horrified. Cade hates everything about the ranch, from the early mornings to the mountains of horse poop he has to clean up. The only silver lining is the company of the two teens who live there—in particular, the ruggedly handsome and enigmatic Henry.

But as unexpected sparks begin to fly between Cade and Henry, things get…complicated. Henry is reluctant to share the details of his mother’s death, and Cade begins to wonder what else he might be hiding. Inspired by the gothic romance of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and perfect for fans of Heartstopper and Bloom comes a modern love story so romantic it’s scary.

From: HarperCollins

Notes on This Title

A foreword contains the following content warning: “Northranger contains moments of homophobia, misogyny, racism, domestic violence, animal cruelty, and confronting death.”

The main character of this title is a gay Latino teen. A gay white teen is a major supporting character. In addition to the content warnings listed above, this title also contains a reference to a suicide attempt.


2023 Harvey Award for Best Children’s or Young Adult Book - Nominee
35th Annual GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Original Graphic Novel/Anthology - Nominee


“An emotional coming-of-age romance that is darkly and dramatically imagined.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)


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