Oh Joy Sex Toy (2013)


Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan’s widely acclaimed Oh Joy Sex Toy (OJST) is a free weekly sex education webcomic that debuted April 2013 and updates every Tuesday.

It covers everything sex related from, sexuality and the sex industry, to toys, workshops, birth control and much more. With the aid of guest contributors giving us us many perspectives as possible, we strive to be relevant to a wide variety of genders, body types, and sexualities.

From: Oh Joy Sex Toy

Notes on This Title

A wide range of sexuality and gender topics are covered by this series. This includes strips related to asexuality, polyamory, and transmasculinity.


2015 Autostraddle Comic and Sequential Art Awards Shortlist — Favorite Webcomic – Episodic
2016 Harvey Award - Best Online Comics Work - Nominee
2016 Oregon Book Award: Graphic Literature and Readers Choice - Finalist
2018 Prism Award Nominee for Best Anthology (Volume 4)


Starred review: “Who knew vibrators could be so adorable? In the third print collection of their cheerfully randy webcomic, spouses Moen and Nolan review sex toys of all shapes, sizes, and power settings. Their cartoon doppelgangers cheer for the successes and throw side-eye at the occasional failures. (One review opens with cartoon Moen simply repeating ‘What’ as she struggles to figure out where the latest piece of silicone is supposed to go.) With trips to porn studios and swingers’ parties, frank sex tips, and medical information on STIs, foreskins, and genital development, the creators expand their sex-positive agenda to topics ranging from fun and cheeky to potentially life-saving. Sexy times are illustrated with characters who have a wide range of genders, orientations, and body types, and Moen’s fluid, bouncy brushwork makes the brashest nudity look cute. The book finishes with a selection of erotic comics by guest artists. Like good sex, it’s goofy fun that might just make the reader’s life better.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)

Starred review: “Married couple Moen and Nolan are enthusiastic sex geeks, and they want to make the horizontal mambo fun and safe for everybody. Equal parts Consumer Reports and Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” column, their here-collected webcomic reviews sex toys and includes much additional content about getting up close and cozy with self and others. Vibrators, penis-pleasers, contraception, erotic techniques, lifestyle choices such as polyamory, performance sex (e.g., porn and pole dancing), plus vaginismus and sexually transmitted infections are all elucidated through two-color brushwork that’s charming, informative, funny, and explicit. The illustrative, cheeky naked figures throughout embody a wide variety of physical types, ethnicities, disabilities, and sexual preferences. A special end section features guest strips from other web cartoonists. Moen and Nolan originally self-published the first two volumes in this series, with Limerence Press, Oni’s new imprint for erotic and sex education comics, recently reprinting those titles and releasing this third volume and a forthcoming coloring book.

VERDICT Promoting sex education broadly for joy and intimacy rather than a particular sexual orientation or activity, this collection makes valuable but possibly scary information much easier to think about and discuss with others. Adults only, and especially recommended for libraries in urban and university ­locations.” (Source: Library Journal)


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