Saints’Quarter (2016)


Lucas Wen prides himself on being the most practical and realistic person you’ll ever meet. Which is why it’s a bit of a shock when he finds out not only that his cousin Robin is a witch, but he’s just taken a job in the most supernaturally saturated neighborhood in New York City.

Meanwhile, Roe, a young woman with a suitcase full of odd weapons and perhaps a few too many secrets, thinks things are finally going her way again when she finds a place to live other than her cousin’s couch in the form of Robin’s spare room.

Before either of them can get both feet under them again, the sudden disappearance of Robin’s girlfriend, Penelope, shakes them all. Lucas, despite his best attempts to adjust to his new fantastical reality, finds that there’s really only so much that even the most practical mind can take, and Roe fears whether their new troubles are something that followed her to the ‘Quarter, or were already there.

From: Saints’Quarter

Notes on This Title

This series contains depictions of blood. Characters have various skin tones, but for the most part, ethnic identities are not established on panel.

One of the focal characters, Roe, is bisexual and aromantic.






Ink, Sweat, and Tears: “Kickstarting an Urban Fantasy Comic – Saints’Quarter

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