Star Bright (2016)


Star Bright is a slice of life, coming-of-age webcomic about a girl named Zoe and her extra-terrestrial friend Star.

From: Star Bright

Notes on This Title

The title is sometimes stylized Star☆Bright. This series has been collected in print, but is currently unavailable. It can still be read online.

Star, one of the main characters, is visually coded as east Asian.




“The artstyle is so cute! I love the colors used, so vibrant but easy on the eyes, plus the character design is absolutely lovely! Cute enthusiastic alien who really really wants to learn about earth culture = really cute! The fact that Star has made a home in Zoe’s sock drawer is very amusing to me. Overall a cute and lighthearted comic so far and a wonderful addition to my library!” (Source: The Webcomic Library)



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