Tell No Tales (2021)

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Anne Bonny had it all—her own ship, a pirate crew, and a fearsome reputation—but a new enemy has her on the run and it’ll take all of Anne’s courage to stay afloat.

The night before a major heist, Anne has an unsettling dream, and come morning, the robbery is thwarted by Woodes Rogers, a zealot who has sworn to eliminate piracy. With no plan to escape, Anne must persuade her crew to seek the meaning of her dream—or perish.

Full of sass, solidarity, and swordplay, Tell No Tales is a graphic novel about belonging, belief, and how far we’re willing to go to protect the ones we love.

From: Abrams Books

Notes on This Title

This title is based on the life of historical pirate Anne Bonny. She is shown to be in a relationship with the pirate Mary Read, here called “Read”, who is depicted as trans. The supporting cast is racially diverse.




Starred Review: “Armchair middle school swabbies and buccaneers will give this convention busting broadside a rousing huzzah!” (Source: School Library Journal)


Publishers Weekly: “In Conversation: Sam Maggs and Kendra Wells

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