That Blue Sky Feeling (2017)


When Noshiro transfers to a new school, he meets Sanada, a loner who doesn’t seem to have friends—or want any. The other kids whisper that Sanada keeps to himself because he’s secretly gay. But rather than scare Noshiro away, the rumor only makes him more interested. He sets out on a campaign to win over the surly Sanada, embarking on a surprising friendship.

From: VIZ Media

Notes on This Title

This title depicts a relationship between a 26 year old and someone in 11th grade, something that goes essentially uncommented upon by the comic.




“It’s a story that can be either an epic bromance or an innocent romance or both, depending on your interpretation. I really wish it had handled the issue of Sanada dating an older man with more thought and care, but overall this is a very well told story and I’d definitely say it’s worth reading.” (Source: Al’s Manga Blog)



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