The Accursed Vampire (2021)


Dragoslava is a vampire kid. It has its perks, but sometimes being stuck as a kid forever can be a pain in the neck. And that’s not even the worst part. A few centuries ago, Drago was cursed by a witch. If they don’t complete every task she sets, they will be turned into worms.

When the witch wants a spellbook from Baneberry Falls, Drago sets off with their immortal friends. But mysteries await in this sleepy Midwestern town, and Drago must figure out if the keepers of the spellbook have a hidden agenda, like everyone else they’ve ever known.

One thing’s for sure: after this accursed mission, Drago’s immortal life will never be the same again!

From: Harper Collins

Notes on This Title

The focal characters of this title are vampires, and as such, there are frequent mentions and depictions of blood. Main characters include Dragoslava, a child who the author describes as nonbinary, Eztli, who is coded as Latina, and Quintus, who is coded as Black. Supporting characters include queer vampire Sara and her girlfriend Ayesha, who appears Black.




“A mischievous and treacherous adventure.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“The Accursed Vampire is a very funny book, but, to its great credit, it’s much more than just a very funny book.” (Source: School Library Journal)



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