Trans Man Walking

Trans Man Walking (2016)


This series of short autobiographical comics depict scenes from the cartoonist’s life before and after his coming out in 2016.

Notes on This Title

Along with being posted online, Trans Man Walking is collected into two zines with additional illustrations, available on Santagata’s Gumroad.

Trans Man Walking depicts negative comments toward transitioning made by family members.




“The crooked panels, grey shading and roughly outlined backgrounds brilliantly communicate Santagata’s negative emotions. Perhaps the best example of this is a sketch of a room that appears close to the end of the zine. The lush parts of the room—comforters and curtains—stand out as symbols of a comfortable refuge, but the shading casts an anxious, melancholy tone over the drawing. As I sat with this sketch, I felt like Santagata was reminding me that while the necessity of refuge is inherently sad, it does not negate the comfort it provides.” (Source: Women Write About Comics)



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