Under Kingdom (2023)

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After the sudden disappearance of his mom, high school freshman Shay is thrust into a secret world of monsters that exists underneath his small West-Virginian town of Humble Valley. With the help of his shapeshifting aunt Sa’Belle, he must search for his mother while doing what he can to safeguard the citizens of the Under Kingdom’ and try to maintain his normal high school life. If that wasn’t enough, Shay is a strict pacifist in a world that is demanding he go to war to protect it.

An epic adventure set in a colorful world full of mischievous sock-stealing imps, adorable dragons, rowdy orcs, and an endless variety of other strange creatures. Join Shay, Sa’belle, and friends in this heartwarming tale where kindness is proven more powerful than violence.

From: Dark Horse Books

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a teen boy who is shown to have a mutual crush on another teen boy.




Under Kingdom is a radical YA graphic novel that embraces the strange and unusual for kids and adults who love the monstrous and macabre.” (Source: CBR)

“Dark Horse Comics’ Under Kingdom is an exciting and modern LGBTQ-friendly fantasy for young adults that fans of Adventure Time and Trollhunters will love.” (Source: The House of Nerds Show)


Kotaku: “Visit The Weird World Of Under Kingdom With Graphic Novel Writer Christof Bogacs

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