Young Men in Love (2022)


Haphazard pirates, wayward ghosts, dashing knights, rampaging kaiju (and down-to-earth regular joes!) are all assembled here to amaze and delight you in a wildly unique anthology celebrating love between men, from an astounding array of comics creators who know exactly how it feels.

From the back the of the book

Notes on This Title

This is an anthology title. It contains the following stories:

  • “Second Star to the Right” by Tate Brombal and Jacoby Salcedo, which depicts a queer teen boy.
  • “The Treasure Map to my Heart” by Oliver Gerlach and Daryl Toh, which shows two gay men in a historical fantasy setting.
  • “Living” by Terry Blas and Bradley Clayton, which depicts a relationship between a Korean man and a Mexican man.
  • “My Personal Super Scout” by Josh Cornillon, which takes place in a science fiction setting and features two queer men.
  • “Theater Kid” by Dave Ebersole, Robert Ryan, and Vincent Batignole, which depicts two queer college students, one of whom is visually coded as Black.
  • “Another Name” by Ned Barnett and Ian Bisbal, which follows a couple, one of whom comes out as a trans man.
  • “Catch Me” by Nico Vasilo and Jude Vigants, which shows a meeting between two men, one of whom has a prosthetic leg.
  • “Long Day” by David M. Booher and Vig Regis, which takes place in a science fiction setting and shows a relationship between a human man and an alien man.
  • “Act of Grace” by Anthony Oliveira and Nick Robles, which shows a relationship between two boys who are attending a Catholic school.
  • “What Do I Get?” by Matt Miner, Ian McGinty, and Bradley Clayton, which depicts a relationship between two men.
  • “Meet Brute” by Chris Sebela and DJ Kirkland, which depicts two queer men who appear to be Black.
  • “The Way Home” by Paul Allor and Lane Lloyd, which shows two men who are married to each other.
  • “Thingaversary” by Sina Grace, which depicts two men who are in a relationship.
  • “Love Yourself” by Joe Glass and Auguste Kanakis, which portrays a gay man and his experience with chubby chasers.
  • “Big Man” by Hamish Steele, which depicts two queer men.
  • “Dancing on the Wind” by Rich Douek and Chris Shehan, which is a fable that personifies the wind as two men.
  • “Tyrone & Jamal” by Greg Anderson Elysée, David Brame, and Vincent Batignole, which depicts a queer Black man in a horror/fantasy setting.
  • “Bright Idea” by Charles Pulliam-Moore, Dennis Yatras, and Daryl Toh, which depicts two queer men, one of whom seems to be Black and the other of whom seems to be of North African or Middle Eastern descent, in a science fiction setting.
  • “A Bard’s Beloved” by Jarrett Melendez and Josh Cornillon, which takes place in a fantasy setting and depicts a relationship between two men.
  • “Pastelito” by Little Corvus”, which takes place in a fantasy setting and depicts a marriage between two people, one of whom uses Spanish, suggesting he is Latino. Gender-neutral language is used to describe the other.


34th Annual GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Original Graphic Novel/Anthology
2023 ALA Great Graphic Novel for Teens


Young Men in Love is just as stunning as it is essential.” (Source: Comic Watch)

“There’s something to delight in for every fan of men-who-love-men romance.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)

Young Men in Love will give you a warm glow, seeing our stories told and our loves affirmed in so many ways.” (Source: The Queer Review)


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