Go Get a Roomie! Book One

March 4, 2014

Publisher: Hiveworks Comics
Language: English
Length: 238 p.

ISBN-13: 978-0989337021

What happens when a constantly upbeat and wild hippie living in booze and sex meets her complete opposite, in the form of a terribly sleepy, unaroused and introvert Lazy Tyke? Go Get a Roomie happens! Where sex jokes mix with surreal dreams, and kindness and acceptance is a recurrent theme.

Followed by a rainbow-colored variety of loving cast members, from BDSM twins to Wise Old Crone in wheelchair to mute Garden Boy and even a cat, this comic is anything but boring or usual. Make sure you are old enough for a fully-boobified Volume One of GGaR! Includes the twelve first chapters of the online comic (from May 2010-December 2012), along with 30 pages of delicious extras.

From: Hivemill

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