Jane's World, Vol. 1

Jane’s World, Vol. 1

August 31, 2005

Publisher: Girl Twirl Comics
Language: English
Length: 152 p.

ISBN-13: 9780974245003

Northwest Press

Meet Jane, the hapless heroine of a slightly wacky world, where women wash up on desert islands and are kidnapped by adoring Amazons, where random ex-girlfriends morph into monkeys, where best friends are always loyal (and occasionally even lustful!) and roommates never change… Not even their socks.

Now enters the heartless, hip and totally hot Chelle, who has Jane falling head over heels over office furniture. Will Chelle ever develop a soft spot for Jane? Will Jane’s roommate, Ethan, ever get a job? Will kind-hearted but aimless Dorothy ever stop pouring coffee and actually use her doctoral degree!?

Find the answers to these questions and more in Jane’s World: Volume One!

Collects Jane’s World #1-6.

From: Northwest Press

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