Jane's World, Vol. 1

Jane’s World (1998)


Jane’s World stars the loveable misfit, Jane Wyatt. It’s a comic full of girl-on-girl action, chicks with guns, a vegan menace, vintage Winnebagos, drag queens, and downward career spirals. You know, the usual for stability-challenged Jane. In short, Jane is a magnet for the kind of drama that makes for good comedy.

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Notes on This Title

Jane’s World was originally a daily newspaper strip that has since been collected in various formats. Cartoonist Braddock also wrote a spin-off novel, Jane’s World: The Case of the Mail-Order Bride.

This series includes minor recurring queer women of color.


2019 Lambda Award Finalist for LGBTQ Graphic Novel (Love Letters to Jane's World)


“Ultimately, Jane’s World succeeds because always Braddock makes it fun to read, regardless of its current form. She’s clearly having a blast experimenting with her creation, and her enthusiasm for her characters is infectious. Whether it’s a drama or a demented road story or a whimsical and intimate strip, she infuses her story with an off-center charm that’s reflected in the sketchy, energetic style of drawing that she’s retained (and honed) since Jane’s World was a comic strip.” (Source: The Daily Cross Hatch)

“Out lesbian journalist Jane broke ground as a protagonist in Braddock’s Eisner-nominated, syndicated strip when she debuted in the late ’90s. But while Jane ’s sexual orientation was radical on the newspaper pages, the pacing and tone are similar to other mainstream dailies (like a more progressive Foxtrot). Braddock’s sketchily drawn cast of quirky characters can be charming, and their regularity comforting, but without more extensive storylines to draw out suspense, their stories flatten—despite how Braddock reconfigures their relationships and inserts the occasional alien abduction. Sporadic in-comic cracks in the fourth wall are amusing, if jarring.” (Source: Publishers Weekly, vol 265, issue 33)


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