Jane's World, Vol. 6

Jane’s World, Vol. 6

October 4, 2006

Publisher: Girl Twirl Comics
Language: English
Length: 152 p.

ISBN-13: 9780976670773

Jane’s mom pays a surprise visit to Spud Point, and since she’s not clued into Jane’s “lifestyle,” Ethan has to pretend to be Jane’s longtime, fake boyfriend! Too bad they didn’t have time to explain this whole plan to Jane’s new girlfriend, Skye. There are other speed bumps ahead for this budding romance between Jane and Skye, the biggest of which is Dorothy. She and Jane spend an unexpected night in the city after bad fortune cookies and too much wine. Meanwhile, Jill gets sent on assignment to the snowy Sierras, and after discovering how hot her female assignment is, decides to extend her stay for a few days. On the last day of her mountain getaway she has a hostile encounter with a strange man that she doesn’t even know is connected to her past…

From: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

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