Carlos Gomez Freestyles…Heavy on the Style (2021)


Carlos Gomez knows all about not fitting in. As a member of the only Mexican American family in town, he’s used to being the odd one out. A lisp, a penchant for girl glamor, and being picked on by the class bully don’t help, either. But now there’s a talent show coming up, and Carlos is performing with the BMX stunt team. He’s ready to wow the crowd with his special, freestyling flair. What could possibly go wrong?

From: Benchmark Education

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a Latino boy who has a lisp and demonstrates a tendency towards things considered feminine by those around him. While this character’s gender identity and sexual orientation are not established on panel, the author – a queer man – describes the character in the preface as semi-autobiographical.


Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection
2021 Virginia Library Association Graphic Novel Diversity Honor





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