Detective Comics (2016)


The Dark Knight teams up with Batwoman to take on new protégés Red Robin, Spoiler and the former villain known as Clayface! The only problem is, neither of these instructors knows what they’re in for as a mysterious army takes Gotham City!

From: DC Comics

Notes on This Title

This series is connected to Batwoman (2017), but can be read separately from it.




“James Tynion’s Detective Comics is clearly a far different beast from Tom King’s Batman or any other incarnation of Detective Comics in recent memory. It’s the ideal book for those who want to see Batman’s supporting cast receive the same love and attention as the Dark Knight himself.

Essentially, Detective Comics has evolved into an ensemble series where batman and Batwoman school a younger generation of heroes. Right away, Tynion makes the right choice by positioning Kate Kane as a peer to Bruce Wayne rather than a subordinate. She’s long since proven herself as a hero, and anything less would be demeaning, frankly. If anything, DC has really dropped the ball in recent years when it comes to exploring the relationship between Kate and her cousin, Bruce. Tynion quickly makes up for lost time in this issue, building a fun dynamic between the two and generally making Batwoman feel like a more active member of the Bat-family again.” (Source: IGN)


“One of the many things fans complained about that was missing from the New 52 were fan-favorite characters (and former Batgirls) like Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. Another big complaint was the removal of Tim Drake from Batman’s inner circle, leaving barely any interaction between Tim and Bruce Wayne these past five years. Thankfully, James Tynion’s newly Rebirthed Detective Comics — now restored to its classic numbering issue #934 — seems to want to correct all those mistakes in one big gesture, and based on this issue, it seems to be working.

Detective might as well be called “Bat-Family” as the story starts with Batman saving Azrael from a Batman lookalike who beat him within an inch of his life. Bruce finds a drone on the scene, and realizes someone has been watching the various vigilantes in Gotham. So he recruits his cousin Kate Kane — better known as Batwoman — not to be his sidekick, but to help him train the next generation of vigilantes, to fight against whoever it is that is watching them. He admits to her that based on her military background, she’d be better at “bat boot camp” than he ever could.” (Source: Nerdist)


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