Griefer Belt (2015)


Griefer Belt is a slice of life series about queer criminals in the black market of Montross City.

Light-hearted dark humour ensues.

From: Griefer Belt

Notes on This Title

This series contains frequent depictions of blood and viscera, as well as violence, including assault by an intimate partner.

“Pizza Night”, a non-canonical stand-alone story featuring characters from this series, contains explicit depictions of sex and nudity. A censored version exists on Tapas, while an uncensored version can be accessed via the creator’s Patreon. Apart from this story, the series has depictions of sex with limited nudity.





“This is about bad people. These are criminals and the comic focuses more on their relationships with each other, but it also doesn’t try to justify what they do for a living or to romanticize crime, which is one of my pet peeves. The story is engaging and if you can move past the fact that these are morally grey characters who lean more on the “black” side of the spectrum, then you will definitely like it.” (Source: Silvia Reads Books)



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