Kochab (2016)


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After recklessly chasing a snow spirit, Sonya is left lost and alone in a snowy wilderness. While trying to survive and find her way back to her village, she stumbles into the half-buried palace of a forgotten, sleeping fire spirit. Kyra wakes to find that her vibrant home has fallen apart around her. As the two girls make their way through the frozen ruins, Kyra realizes that all she has left are her memories, and what’s left of the palace – and maybe, Sonya.

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“Let’s get one thing out of the way first: “Kochab” is gorgeous. It stands out even amid the current high-quality level of a number of webcomics in the market, not alone due to its craft, but largely to the stylistic choices that artist Sarah Webb infuses on every page. Every chapter and panel have a sense of weight to the drawings, that every line has a depth that is not usually found on digital offerings. It is almost as if these pages were carved into wood by using heavy crayons. It makes for a truly unique visual flair that is further complemented by smart use of colors that highlights every setting and character.” (Source: Multiversity Comics)


Strange Horizons: “Artist Interview: Sarah Webb

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