Rabbit Chase (2022)


Aimée, a non-binary Anishinaabe middle-schooler, is on a class trip to offer gifts to Paayehnsag, the water spirits known to protect the land. While stories are told about the water spirits and the threat of the land being taken over for development, Aimée zones out, distracting themselves from the bullying and isolation they’ve experienced since expressing their non-binary identity. When Aimée accidentally wanders off, they are transported to an alternate dimension populated by traditional Anishinaabe figures in a story inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

To gain the way back home, Aimée is called on to help Trickster by hunting down dark water spirits with guidance from Paayehnsag. On their journey, Aimée faces off with the land-grabbing Queen and her robotic guards and fights the dark water spirits against increasingly stacked odds. Illustrated by KC Oster with a modern take on their own Ojibwe style and cultural representation, Rabbit Chase is a story of self-discovery, community, and finding one’s place in the world.

From: Annick Press

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a nonbinary Anishinaabe middle schooler. This title is primarily in English, but features Anishinaabemowin words and phrases throughout.

The main character experiences bullying and misgendering.


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“Rabbit Chase is a vibrant take on the classic portal fantasy. Written and illustrated by an Indigenous team, it combines Anishinaabe traditional stories with colonization metaphors and laser-tag fights for land sovereignty to create a vivid new world. For readers unfamiliar with Anishinaabe culture, Rabbit Chase serves as an exciting introduction to new vocabulary and new narratives its audience is bound to enjoy.” (Source: Quill & Quire)

“A moving graphic novel that touches on identity and cultural legacy, and representation that is sure to impact young readers.” (Source: School Library Journal)



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