Rain (2022)


On a seemingly normal August day in Boulder, Colorado, the skies are clear, and Honeysuckle Speck couldn’t be happier. She’s finally moving in with her girlfriend Yolanda. But their world is literally torn apart when dark clouds roll in and release a downpour of nails-splinters of bright crystal that shred the skin of anyone not safely under cover. RAIN makes vivid this escalating apocalyptic event, as the deluge of nails spreads across the country and around the world, threatening everything young lovers Honeysuckle and Yolanda hold dear. So begins a gripping 5-issue presentation of New York Times bestselling author JOE HILL’s acclaimed novella, adapted by rising stars DAVID M. BOOHER (Canto), ZOE THOROGOOD (The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott), and CHRIS O’HALLORAN (Ha-Ha).

From: Image Comics

Notes on This Title

This is a horror title which contains frequent depictions of physical injury, acts of violence, blood, and other forms of viscera. The supporting cast includes a Latino character and a Black child character, as well as a queer woman who is visually coded as Black.


Eisner Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium - Nominee


“With clever sweetness, Rain #1 pulls us into a loving relationship that feels safe, before tearing that safety away.” (Source: AIPT)

Rain #1 establishes a world where horrific events can happen at a moment’s notice, but the creative team also work together to create an intriguing cast of characters who will be forced to face the world they now find themselves in.” (Source: Bigger Than Capes)

“The story here is smart, efficient, and deeply human.” (Source: Comics Bookcase)



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