The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine: Issue 2 (2019)


The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine is part comic, part cookbook, and 100% queer. The first Corners of Their Mouth explored queer food issues through recipes and slice-of-life comics. In Issue 2, L.M. and Robin are joined by contributors Elijah Garrard, Elk Paauw and Jessica Glaser to bring together a collection of recipes, comics, poetry and essays on topics including from self-care and queer crushes, learning to cook in a new country, and queer nihilism’s connection to vegan food.

From: I’ll Make It Myself!

Notes on This Title

The Corners of Their Mouth is a collection of comics, essays, and recipes. Issue 2 is a follow-up to Zoller & Elan’s first collaborative food zine released in 2017. The entries in this zine include content warnings at the start of each one.

In addition to the creators tagged for comic contributions, the zine includes a poem by Jessica Glaser.






Queer the Table: “The Corners of Their Mouth”

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