The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine (2017)

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This zine is part comic book, part cookbook, and 100% queer. The Corners of Their Mouth contains recipes, comics and illustrations about food, cooking, and daily life from a nonbinary bisexual couple living in the Pacific Northwest.

From: The Corners of Their Mouth Press

Notes on This Title

The creators of this zine are a couple who are both nonbinary and bisexual. Zoller also runs a queer food blog, I’ll Make It Myself!

A follow-up zine was released in 2019.




“Birthed from the queer food blog I’ll Make It Myself, this zine uses the medium of food to explore LGBTQ+ culture. More than just a cookbook, L.M. Zoller and Robin Elan invite readers into their kitchen, sharing recipes, comics, and quirky anecdotes for self-love through cooking and eating.” (Source: Food Tank)


Foodie Undergound: “Addressing Gender Norms and Sexual Orientation Through Food: An Interview with L.M. Zoller of I’ll Make it Myself”

Queer the Table: “The Corners of Their Mouth”

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