The Secret Garden on 81st Street (2021)

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Mary Lennox is a loner living in Silicon Valley. With her parents always working, video game and tech become her main source of entertainment and “friends.” When her parents pass away in a tragic accident, she moves to New York City to live with her uncle who she barely knows, and to her surprise, keeps a gadget free home. Looking for comfort in this strange, new reality, Mary discovers an abandoned rooftop garden and an even bigger secret…her cousin who suffers from anxiety. With the help of her new friends, Colin and Dickon, Mary works to restore the garden to its former glory while also learning to grieve, build real friendships, and grow.

From: Hachette Book Group

Notes on This Title

One of the focal characters of this title is a child who experiences panic attacks. A prominent supporting character is a queer man with dark skin. A deceased queer Japanese man appears in flashbacks. This title depicts loss, including loss of a parent and loss of a partner.




“Empathy and self-discovery fuel this updated classic.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)


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