Moonstruck, Vol. 1

Moonstruck (2017)


Werewolf barista Julie and her new girlfriend go on a date to a close-up magic show, but all heck breaks loose when the magician casts a horrible spell on their friend Chet. Now it’s up to the team of mythical pals to stop the illicit illusionist before it’s too late. The first chapter of the brand-new, all-ages, magical, coffee-laden adventure from Lumberjanes creator GRACE ELLIS and talented newcomer SHAE BEAGLE.

From: Image Comics

Notes on This Title

Shae Beagle is the main artist on the series. The story “Pleasant Mountain Sisters” is illustrated by Kate Leth in Volume 1 and by Kat Fajardo in Volume 2.

Volume 1 was serialized in single issues. The first chapter of Volume 2 was released as issue #6 before the series switched over to graphic novel-only.




“Moonstruck is a super-cute new comic from Lumberjanes co-creator Grace Ellis and newcomer Shae Beagle. It’s romance, fantasy, and slice-of-life all in one, with soft dreamy art and a bonus story-within-a-story illustrated by Kate Leth. Readers will swoon, just as the main character Julie swoons over her new crush, Selena.” (Source: CBR)

“Beagle’s art is warm and expressive, fitting the low-stakes tone of the first issue. (The plot summary hints at world-saving antics in future issues, but for now, it’s more of a Friends-style coffee shop drama.) They also use a wide range of body shapes, a notable detail considering how many comics follow the same supermodel silhouette for every female character.” (Source: The Daily Dot)


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