Wonder Woman (2016)


Wonder Woman battles some of her greatest foes while attempting to get to the root of who she is truly is.

Notes on This Title

This series is also referred to as Wonder Woman: Rebirth. It began publication in August 2016 and ran until November 2018, after which the collected editions were renumbered.

There are depictions of blood, but not excessive gore.

Etta Candy, a long-running Wonder Woman supporting character is here depicted as a queer black woman. Barbara Ann Minerva, a traditional Wonder Woman antagonist, is also shown to be queer. Minerva appears primarily in the first four volumes of the series, while Candy appears primarily in the first five. Neither is a significant presence in volumes six through nine. While in her human form, Minerva is shown using a walking stick.

Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, is briefly shown to be in a relationship with the Amazon general Philippus.

Wonder Woman herself is shown to be in romantic relationships with both Steve Trevor and Superman, but is stated in issue #12 (collected in volume two) to have previously been involved with a woman.




“The relaunched Wonder Woman series is one of the most crucial pieces of the DC Rebirth lineup. Not just because it comes at a time when the character’s mainstream exposure is growing significantly, but also because it marks Greg Rucka’s return to DC after a less than amicable split several years ago. Rucka’s voice is exactly what DC needs to help recapture what’s been missing with the New 52 and salvage a character who’s been through a real roller coaster of storytelling quality lately.” (Source: IGN)


Comicosity: “Exclusive Interview: Greg Rucka on Queer Narrative and WONDER WOMAN

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